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Children of Clay

children of clay
Creative Clay Kits for Kids

Delivered through your letterbox.

"A brilliant idea for a present for any boy or girl"

Lucy, mum of 3

Coming in Jan 2024...

Choose from a variety of clay animals and objects. Each box contains a bag of clay, 6 tools, a clay craft mat, paints and gloss and easy to follow instructions to enable you to make your creation. Look

Coming in Jan 2024...

Use your imagination to come up with your own. Are you feeling inspired by a famous piece of art you have seen? Do you have a magical creature you want to bring to life? This box leaves it up to you, containing a bag of clay, 6 tools, a clay craft mat, 5 colourful acrylic paints and a gloss, a mini bag of craft materials and easy to follow instructions to make your creation. LOOK

Coming in Jan 2024...

Do you want your child to learn how to hand build? How to slab, coil and pinch are a few of the options, where easy to follow instructions will guide your child to learn these unique pottery skills. Every box contains clay, tools and the paints in addition to the easy to follow guide. LOOK

Workshops are happening

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Are you interested in hosting a workshop at your venue?

Workshops run for 2 hours and every student will be able to learn a new skill and take home their creation from the workshop as well as a piece that have painted during the session. 

Workshops can start for children aged 4 years and are a fantastic way to encourage all children to be creative and to get out of their heads and into their hands.

Your Gallery

Share your clay creations with us @children_of_clay_art

Our Story

As a mum of two, an art teacher and a pottery student, I know how tactile and engaging creating from clay feels. I'm sure that getting out of your head and into your hands is good for the soul.
I created Children of Clay kits to encourage all children to have a creative moment and to give them the chance to take a pottery class into their own homes.

In the words of Pablo Picasso, "Every child is an Artist."


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"An activity to share with my 2 young grandsons, with easy to follow instructions and most importantly enjoyed by all... a winner!"

Diane, grandma to 2 boysCustomer

"They both absolutely loved it.... completely engaged and they were so proud of the final product."

Jess, mum to Felix and AlbieCustomer

"Beautifully presented and easy to follow, Children of Clay captured our attention from start to finish."

Amanda, mum to Cleo and MimiCustomer

Frequently asked questions

Includes FREE postage, a 6 piece toolset, 500g of clay and a clay craft mat. Letterbox friendly.

Children of clay are creative clay kits for kids which contain easy to read written and illustrated instructions, 500g of clay, paints, tools, craft mat and everything you need to make the creation you have selected.

The clay is air-dry so no need for an oven or kiln, the clay will dry overnight and can be painted the next day.

Our guide is that the boxes are for children ages 4-11 due to the motor skills involved in modelling clay.

The boxes are accessible for a range of ages and abilities and no prior knowledge or experience is required.

All kits can be bought here on the website and are sent out second class, arriving 2-5 days after an order has been placed.

All postage and packaging is FREE within the UK.  We do not currently ship anywhere outside of that.

Any extra items such as clay, tools, aprons will be charged standard postage and packaging and are sold on the website.

If you need a refund for any of the items purchased from the website; aprons; clay craft mat, clay, tools and tool kit, you can receive a full refund if you return the items unopened and undamaged within 30 days of purchase.

You can receive a full refund if you return the items unopened and undamaged within 30 days of purchase.

Although non-toxic, accidental ingestion or eye contact should be treated with the use of water.  If in doubt, seek professional help.After using the clay, clean your hands thoroughly and apply a hand cream as the clay can dry the skin.It is advisable for children to be supervised during use of the clay.This harmless product can be re-used or disposed of normally in household waste.

Attention customers with food allergies. Even though this clay is not a food product, please be aware that the clay has been made in anenvironment where it may have come into contact with common allergens such as dairy, eggs, wheat or peanuts.

FREE Delivery

FREE delivery for every CHILDREN OF CLAY kit nationwide

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